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    The Life of a Medieval King

    One of the current buzz phrases is maintaining our “work/life” balance, but what of Medieval times and if your “work” happened...

    Peter Anderson26th February 2017
  • Opinion and Reviews
    In praise of the fashion Queen

    In a world where today’s fashion trend instantly becomes tomorrow’s second choice, one wardrobe has not only survived every change but...

    Ahmed Bayram26th February 2017
  • Blog Posts
    Who is Princess Estelle of Sweden?

    The Princess celebrates her 5th birthday today.

    Brittani Barger23rd February 2017
  • Blog Posts
    The secrets of Buckingham Palace

    Built of 775 rooms and housing no less than 78 bathrooms and 1,514 doors, it’s little wonder that Buckingham Palace has...

    Laura McCallen21st February 2017
  • Blog Posts
    Who is Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg?

    Marie-Astrid Liliane Charlotte Léopoldine Wilhelmine Ingeborg Antoinette Élisabeth Anne Alberte was born on 17 February 1954, the eldest daughter of the...

    Brendan Part17th February 2017
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    A Royal Execution: George, the Duke of Clarence

    The War of the Roses was a period marked by the deep-set and bitter hatred that burned between the Houses of...

    Christian Mills17th February 2017
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