What happens if Princess Beatrice marries Dave Clark?

Posted: 8 August 2013 2:30 pm

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large_7330203252Speculation is rife at the moment as to whether HRH Princess Beatrice of York will decide to marry boyfriend Dave Clark. The two have been seeing each other for over 6 years and many speculate that the time may be right soon for the two to marry.

Princess Beatrice of York is 6th in line to the throne, she isn’t expected to lead a life of royal engagements or public duties the Palace have made quite clear, but she is still a member of the Royal Family and has patronages and performs some engagements in her own right.

If she were to marry Dave Clark, a few things would change.

Firstly, it would be unlikely (but not completely impossible) that Dave Clark would be granted a title by Her Majesty, meaning he would remain a commoner.

If he was granted a title, it would likely be a non-royal peerage such as an Earldom, though this in itself is unlikely, as previously explained.

Because a woman takes her husband’s style and precedence unless hers is higher, (which it is), her precedence will not be affected.

She may choose, however, to follow past precedent and style herself as Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, Mrs Dave Clark or even just privately style herself as Mrs Clark. Equally she may choose just to continue being Princess Beatrice.

Traditionally, female royals drop their territorial designation when they marry, so either way, she probably wouldn’t be referred to as Princess Beatrice of York any more (rather just Princess Beatrice).

It is highly unlikely that the wedding would be a public event like that of Princess Beatrice’s cousin, Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, but likely to be a private family affair like that of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall.

Most likely, Dave Clark and Princess Beatrice would take up private residence together rather than occupying a royal palace, though they could well have St James’s Palace as a residence, where Beatrice already holds a flat.

Princess Beatrice would require Her Majesty The Queen’s consent to marry and even if the Succession to the Crown Act were in force, she would because she is one of the first six in line to the throne.

At the moment however, this is just speculation and we won’t find out for sure whether they are to marry until in about a month’s time (traditional gap between engagement and announcement in most royal cases).

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  • Trip

    Since Princess Beatrice is a commoner as well, what is the importance of her marrying her commoner? She holds precedence, so her title remains, she is 6th from the Crown, so a lot of terrible things need to happen for her to inherit, seems sort of silly to elevate him to peerage.

    • A. P. Schrader

      Princess Beatrice is NOT a commoner! She is a Princess of the Blood!

      • Trip

        Based on this article, legality wise, she is a commoner.


        Second graf states “In the British system there are three legal standings people can hold. These positions are: The Sovereign, peers and commoners. Therefore technically and legally speaking if you are a Prince or Princess of the United Kingdom and you do not hold a peerage title, and you are not the Sovereign, you are in fact a commoner.”

        • Alexandra S

          I was always told that if the child comes from a son of a king or queen, which Beatrice comes from Andrew, that it automatically makes them a Prince, or Princess of the blood, as the man said above. They are only considered commoners if they descend from a daughter. Henceforth, the Princess Royal’s children are commoners, while the rest are not. Even Prince Edward’s kids can demand the titles of Prince and Princess

          when they reach their majority.

          • Royal Central

            There are different ways of categorising persons according to their status. In the strictest definition, anyone who is no the Sovereign or a peer is a commoner (which includes, for example, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice). Other definitions might also include the Royal Family, or Prince/Princesses of the Blood as its own category.

      • Bill Foley

        Yes, she is a commoner. There are only three legal positions in Britain, the Monarch, the Peerage and all the rest are commoners. I just wrote a blog post about this topic here on Royal Central. http://www.royalcentral.co.uk/blogs/explanation/is-it-possible-for-a-royal-to-be-a-commoner-13637

  • Bill Foley

    There has been some discussion about making peerage tiles gender nuetral also. If that ever happens, and the Duke of York doesn’t remarry and have a son, there is a possibility that Princess Beatrice could become the Duchess of York in her own right.

    • A. P. Schrader

      That will NEVER happen! Apart from anything else, it is not possible to make such things retroactive. All existing peerages were created by Letters Patent detailing the succession to them and these cannot be altered without regranting ALL peerages under new Letters Patent.

      • Christine

        Also, what that make her husband – he couldn’t be the Duke of York?

        • A. P. Schrader

          Presumably not. There are, of course, peeresses who hold hereditary peerages in their own right – the Countess of Sutherland, the Countess of Mar, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, for example. These are usually either very old Scottish peerages or ones with ‘special remainders’ written into their Letters Patent allowing them to pass to females. In all cases, however, husbands of suo jure peeresses are not entitled to any special courtesy title derived from their wife’s title. There are historical exceptions to this rule – such as the famous Warwick the Kingmaker, who was jure uxoris 16th Earl of Warwick by virtue of his marriage to Anne Beauchamp, suo jure 16th Countess of Warwick. Peers jure uxoris, however, seem to have been very rare.

  • Carolina

    I would say her wedding, as a royal princess, would be more on par with The Earl of Wessex’ wedding than with that of Princess Anne’s children. Edward had a small yet royal wedding. That is what I personally expect for Beatrice and Eugenie. They are royal princesses.

  • mabruno

    She should marry a foreign prince as was the case in the past, but, unfortunately, there aren’t many available Protestant princes in Europe who are of similar age. Carl Philip of Sweden could be a match, but he is about 9 years older and dating a porn star.

    • sara

      plus you forgot to mention that Carl Philip of Sweden is too good for her :)

      • maggie

        How can he be too good for her if he is dating a pornstar?
        It is the other way around.