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Royal Nursery Diary – Week 3: Crying much?

It has been two weeks since little Prince George’s grand arrival, and already, he has left a lasting imprint on this great big world that will soon be his to explore…

photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc

photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc

Fans and “Subjects”
Top headlines in the media, commemorative magazines and limited edition royal china, jewellery, cups, t-shirts, blankets, key chains… At fourteen days old, the future heir to the Throne has acquired rock star status, amassing fans from schoolchildren to Heads of State and celebrities alike… yet none more adoring than his loving parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

As several family members will attest, Prince George has indeed mastered his roar, gaining the ear of the Queen of the land, and Kings in the making… Confusing his days and nights, little Georgie has been awakening the Middleton household six times a night… But no fear… Daddy is here! Since the big day, a doting Prince William has been dutifully pulling himself out of the cosy covers, stepping up to the plate, and performing his best renditions of Coldplay’s “Paradise” and “Yellow”, which oddly seem to calm his little son… eventually. Could it be colic? The concerned father fears for his bride as he sadly prepares to resume his post in Anglesey on Wednesday as a search and rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force.

Kicking his legs in contentment, Prince George has taken to sucking his fists as he gazes into his tired father’s eyes. Beside the fragrant flowers Mrs Middleton replaced on her daughter’s night table yesterday stands the ominous pile of baby books that the Duchess has been devouring over the last few months. Following in their advice, the new parents have been regularly giving their little boy tummy time. Today, they watched in wonderment as he lifted and turned his head side-to-side, toning his brand new muscles, and hopefully preventing positional plagiocephaly, the dreaded flat spot that could possibly compete with the little boy’s crown for Mommy’s pictures.

Prince William takes it all in… This past week has been surreal for him. His awe and admiration for Catherine continues to grow with every passing moment, as he watches her expertly care for their little boy. The feeding schedule is a little more predictable now, and Carole Middleton has been insisting that Super Dad take a morning nap to recuperate from the nightly calls.

Baby’s first bath
Now that his little cord stump has fallen, the new parents have cherished yet another first moment, baby’s first bath, before William’s departure. As Daddy placed him in the warm water, his cries could be heard far and wide as he star-fished and squirmed with discontent, his little body turning every shade of red. Mummy quickly shampooed his fine silky hair, and poured water to rinse him… Removing him quickly from the water, they wrapped him in a cosy white towel, powdered him, slipped a nappy on him, and swaddled him before returning him to the safety of Mummy’s arms. He nursed, but only briefly before the excitement of the day overtook him, and he swiftly fell asleep without protest.

photo credit: k.landerholm via photopin cc

photo credit: k.landerholm via photopin cc

To be missed…
Prince William ponders the unfathomable gift he has been given… How he will miss lazy mornings reading the paper while Catherine nurses George next to him… How she had teased him this morning about his nappy duty after the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park, Ascot that made the headlines… And how quickly he had reassured her, amidst the “Princess Of The UK” media debate, that “You will always be my princess, Poppet…”. Couldn’t she join him in Anglesey soon? How terribly he would miss her and their little boy… Even the crying fits would be more bearable than living apart…

According to the Prince, Anglesey also has its own deserving reasons to see the little family reunited in their midst: William feels privileged to have built such solid friendships there, completely devoid of ulterior motives… At the RAF, he is no longer the Prince, befriended out of pride, courtesy, or in the hope of obtaining favours but, rather, bunk mate Flight Lieutenant Wales, one of a tightly-knit crew working long, arduous 24-hour shifts, fighting the forces of nature against all odds to save lives.

photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc

photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc

These are men he would unquestionably trust with his life, and is truly proud to call friends. Could he not introduce his little son to them before finishing his post there? Could it not be one last gesture of gratitude toward a village that so unselfishly endured the scrutiny of the media, and staunchly protected their newlywed privacy? The Duchess’ emerging lioness instincts have so far prevailed, fiercely eager to protect her little cub a little while longer before he belongs to the world…

How quickly their little bubble of bliss will dissipate as expectations dominate their time and their lives once more. While fans and foe hungrily clamour to catch a glimpse of the new Royal Family, Catherine is deliberating whether resuming her royal duties early might prevent another onslaught of unsavoury breaches of privacy by the paparazzi. Regular, controlled appearances might be a necessary antidote to the desperate frenzied dealings that feed the tabloids, and could easily put their little one at risk.

In the meantime, William’s Grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, is eager to meet the newest member of the family. After resuming his royal duties next week, he will be joining Grandmother at Balmoral.

photo credit: neil1877 via photopin cc

photo credit: neil1877 via photopin cc

Her Majesty has already extended an invitation to Prince George, his parents and maternal and paternal grandparents, to make the Scotland journey themselves in order to engage in a little family bonding… Prince William had also hoped to make the bittersweet pilgrimage to his mother’s grave on the Spencer estate, Althorp, north of London, to present the little heir to his beloved grandmother.

Living arrangements need to be firmed up, as well as William’s career plans once he leaves the RAF at the end of the month. A family photo session needs to be booked. Harry is away on holiday, so there is no fear of a surprise welcome party for George. Badger’s (best man James Meade) wedding in Gayton (West Norfolk) is a month away, and the renovations at Apartment 1A, Kensington Palace, and Anmer Hall, their country retreat at Sandringham, have yet to be completed. Discussions in preparation for Georgie’s christening need to be had, and godparents chosen…

A moment to exhale…
But for now, as the tantalizing aroma of Antonella’s pasta sauce fills the air, Super Dad prepares to read his little prince Paddington at the Palace one last time before he leaves…

photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer via photopin cc

photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer via photopin cc

The last month of Prince William’s contract will indeed be agonizing, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge long for each other… Catherine will be most appreciative of her parents’ loving support, though no one can replace her husband’s arms, his scent, his touch… his loving care in the middle of the night as the little Prince awakens in tears… Catherine takes it all in to remember while he’s away… She makes a mental note to save the shirt he is wearing to wrap around George when he cries… though she may well be the one taking in the lingering scent of Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet as she snuggles with it on those lonely summer nights… Catherine will courageously carry on with poise and grace…

And if Princess William has always supported the Prince’s many roles and responsibilities that came with being heir to the British Throne, the Duke is now more than eager to return that support with utter love, patience and consideration, whether near or far… Could a pink diamond soothe the hurt a little? For now, his only thought is to cherish and memorize this moment…

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