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60 seconds with Shyama Perera

Shyama Perera is a weekly newspaper reviewer and social commentator on BBC London and also regularly reviews the newspaper front pages on the BBC News Channel. Shyama also contributes to programmes such as The Jeremy Vine Show and Woman’s hour. On our televisions, we may have seen Shyama presenting such programmes as Eastern Eye and Behind The Headlines, as well as many others. Shyama has kindly agreed to take part in a short interview with Royal Central to give her opinion on the British Monarchy.

Shyama Perera

Shyama Perera is a social commentator and newspaper reviewer for the BBC

My big question is, what is your opinion of the British Monarchy and why?

I’m fairly sanguine on matters and people Royal. The monarchy neither excites nor incites me one way or another.

Have you ever met a member of the royal family, if so what were they like?

I’ve covered events with members of the royal family giving out awards and making speeches, and I’ve shaken the heir’s hand on a couple of occasions, but never had a one-to-one conversation.

Which member of the royal family would you like to meet?

The Queen

Would the British political system work the same without a monarchy or would it make things easier or more complex?

I think it would make things joyless, and I like the tradition and the protocols of the Queen’s Speech, the weekly debriefings etc.

Have you ever taken part in a big celebratory event such as the Diamond Jubilee or birth of Prince George?

Taken part, no, but I have celebrated all the weddings and jubilees with friends and food and a large TV screen.

Last week Charles became the oldest male heir in history  – so one assumes he has the experience to make a great monarch, do you agree?

He is clearly familiar with the job spec. What he makes of the role will depend on age, fitness, levels of support and the political climate.

Do you think the head of the commonwealth should become hereditary?

I didn’t know it wasn’t, so I’ve learned something. I don’t really have a view.

Shyama adds:
“There are some things the royal family excel at. For example, The Prince’s Trust is an often underestimated organisation in its reach and success with thousands of dispossessed young people”.

Many thanks to Shyama for taking part in this interview. You can follow her on twitter @PortfolioWoman

Photo credit: @PortfolioWoman

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