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“Throwback Thursday” — Royal Wedding Reflections

Prince William and (the former) Catherine Middleton share a private moment in a very public ceremony

Prince William and (the former) Catherine Middleton share a private moment in a very public ceremony

I’m taking a break from my George series this week to focus on the all-important task of being a bridesmaid. My best friend is getting married this Saturday and has chosen me to be part of her bridal party. I was honoured when she asked me almost a year ago, but as her special day quickly approaches, the more nostalgic (and anxious) I have become. Not only do I think back on our friendship, but I think back to the day that excited my passion for the royal buzz. Although I’ve always followed the British Royal Family (see here for my royal background), I had never developed a passion like I did on 29 April 2011.

Early that morning (think 3am!), I awoke from my peaceful slumber to watch “the wedding of the century” of two people I did not even know. From the moment Prince William and Prince Harry arrived at Westminster Abbey, I was completely enthralled. The little girl obsessed with fairy-tales was busting out  – and then the moment women all over the world had waited months for – what would (the former) Catherine Middleton be wearing? Without turning this article into a fashion post, let’s just say I loved her choice!

As Catherine and her father made their way to the alter, I couldn’t help but laugh at Prince Harry’s antics. He was managing to keep a very stressful (yet beautiful) moment, light. To him, this was simply watching his brother marry the woman he loved – NOT the future King and Queen. All three seemed to forget that this was being viewed by millions of people worldwide. The ceremony had an intimate feel that invited people (myself included) into their love story and I loved every second of that magical ceremony.

Princes William and Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011

Princes William and Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011

When the newly married couple made their way back up the aisle, I couldn’t believe how happy they both looked. Before this day, I had always envisioned the royal family with the “stiff upper lip,” but 29 April 2011 changed everything. I saw a smile on the face of every member of that prestigious family. My perception of the House of Windsor drastically changed that day and I’m forever grateful.

The trip down the Mall in the open carriage was nothing short of a fairy-tale. I think a horse drawn carriage is a part of every young girl’s wedding dreams – it was in mine.

Overall, 29 April 2011 was an important day for many people. For the couple, it was the day they married and made their relationship official. Their marriage was the next step in securing the Monarchy into the next century. It also boosted the royal family’s popularity in Great Britain and all around the world. The marriage ceremony gave a boost to the nation’s economy. And finally, the marriage between Prince William and Catherine Middleton gave people a reason to celebrate. Not only did Great Britain gain a Duchess, but the couple appeared to  allow us in as friends. While watching the ceremony, it felt like two lifelong friends were saying “I will.”

photo credit: Beacon Radio via photopin

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