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Princes With A “Type”

Most people have a certain type of person that they are attracted to, and royalty is no different. Usually the type revolves around physical features, but not always. Those just happen to be the easiest types of “types” to point out.

For instance, the top left photo is of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and his controversial girlfriend Sofia Helqvist.  Why so controversial? Google her name with the word snake to see for yourself. Carl Philip and Sofia have been seeing each other since 2010. The bottom left photo is of him and his previous girlfriend of ten years, Emma Pernald. Surely you can see a similarity, no?

Here’s where things get weird (to me). The top right photo is of Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, the new wife of Luxembourg’s Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume. They reportedly dated for the past two and a half years before getting hitched on October 20. Now, the top left photo is of Guillaume’s former girlfriend of a year and step-niece of Queen Sonja of Norway, Pia Haraldsen. Uncanny, isn’t it? So much so, that I confused their thumbnail icons when putting together a post on Stéphanie. It’s more than just the blonde hair.

What do you say, is there enough here to declare each man’s “type” or am I merely reaching? Can you think of any other royals with “types”?

  • Anonymous

    Charles, Prince of Wales–both Camilla and Diana were blondes, full bust, long legs.

  • Limabean

    Prince Harry has a type as well, you missed an easy one there.

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