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Royal Central’s Top 5 Blog Posts

To mark the first anniversary of the Royal Central website I have chosen my favourite 5 blog posts from the past year.

 1. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – The Queen’s Jewellery


Peep-The-Beauty-Queen-of-Jewelry-CollectionMy first choice is Ellen Couzens’ blog about the Queen’s jewellery.  We hear so much about the crown jewels so I really enjoyed reading about the Queen’s personal jewellery and the fabulous pictures helped too!


 2. The peculiar world of noble titles


1108559849I love this blog by Martin, it makes all the confusing titles make complete sense.



 3. The Dark History of the Black Prince’s Ruby


bp11This post by a guest blogger comes in at number 3.  I really enjoyed this whole series on the Imperial state crown’s jewels, but this was my favourite as it involved some murder and mystery as well as Medieval history!


4. An Apology to Camilla — Say What?!?


large_6021281370Perhaps a controversial 4th choice, but I really enjoyed reading this blog by Megan.  I could relate to a lot of the points made and it did seem to spark a bit of a debate!


5. 10 things to do while waiting for Baby Cambridge 


KoI think Katie’s first blog for Royal Central is my all time favourite, at least it’s the first that made me laugh out loud.  I think we all needed some relief from baby fever by this point and her blog provided it.

So there’s my top 5.  Happy birthday Royal Central and if you have a different favourite please let me know.

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