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The Countess of Wessex: The Monarchy’s Rising Star

  • Bella

    Sophie is pretty awesome. Though Prince Philip will always be my favourite royal, Sophie is up there and does a great job and dresses really well. What are her honorary military appointments?

  • Eric Jackson

    i think that they will become the work horses like the duke and duchess of kent used to be, and like pricess alexandra and the other royals i met princess alexandra in bermuda several years ago

  • Daisy Duck

    14 years – that’s a long time to be a rising star. Must mean she has made more than 10 engagements in the last year. Good on you Sophie. You were born to work.

    BTW, where did the uniform come from? Has she joined the armed forces?

  • LBJC

    She’s the smartest of all former commoners. Had a successful career and didn’t wait on anyone.

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