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What does Prince Charles think? Views and musings from His Royal Highness

The Prince of Wales is known for his wide range of views on topics from the environment to the BBC.

The Prince of Wales is known for his wide range of views on topics from the environment to architecture.

As Prince Charles approaches his 65th birthday, we take a look at some of the issues he has been most passionate about over the years.

At the forefront, of course, is Prince Charles’ biggest concern, the environment.

Prince Charles is known for his love of nature and creating a sustainable environment for future generations. His Royal Highness works tirelessly with the Duchy of Cornwall and other charities, organizations and businesses to try and achieve the environmental goals he first set in motion over 40 years ago.

In his message upon accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from the seventh International Green Awards in 2012, His Royal Highness warned of the importance of change without which “humanity and the Earth will soon begin to suffer some very grim consequences.”

In the past, Prince Charles has been ridiculed for his passion and love for the environment.

“All those years ago, when I began to see that this could be so, I found myself labelled with every term that describes a crank,” he commented in The Telegraph.

People are perhaps finally taking heed of The Prince’s decades of warnings about the lack of care for the environment being an “act of suicide on a grand scale.”

Traditional architecture is also on the list of topics His Royal Highness has publicly commented on. Although it may have caused a bit of a stir on occasion, Prince Charles stood his ground and shared his thoughts and ideas.

One can recall the now famous comments made by The Prince in 1984, on the occasion of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ 150th anniversary, when he referred to the extension to the National Gallery as a “monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend.”

Prince Charles did apologise years later. One cannot disagree with HRH who simply admires the classical styles that make up the country’s vast and rich history.

The countryside and its slow demise is yet another passion and plea for change from Prince Charles. His Royal Highness is a firm believer that, in order to care for the vast rural landscape that is Britain, one must focus on the farms, targeting the smaller family farms that are grasping to subsist.

“It is the people and what they do that creates the beating heart of our countryside – the vitality that comes from the busy village shop and pub, a thriving school, from the Church and W.I.” His Royal Highness commented in The Telegraph.

“All of these elements make up a living, breathing, countryside which is as precious as any ancient cathedral,” The Prince concluded.

One could write paragraph after paragraph of Prince Charles quotes highlighting his passions.

At the end of the day, it seems what really drives His Royal Highness is Prince George. As stated in a previous article, Prince Charles believes that Prince George “is what this is all about,” Indeed it is!

photo credit: Helmandblog via photopin cc

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