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Why Princess Anne Is The Royal Family’s Unsung Hero

With all the fuss about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge being made every time a new engagement is announced, it’s worth reflecting sometimes that despite their public appearance, and the media coverage of their appearances, they are by no means the most active members of the Royal Family. Indeed now, it is often the most active members who are overlooked.

Princess Anne has been performing royal engagements non-stop for most of her life. She has the most number of charitable patronages for any member of the Royal Family and every year performs more engagements than any other member of the Royal Family, almost doubling her nearest rival in some years.

Despite her enormous number of engagements and undeniably good work, coverage even of her most choicest engagements are shunned.

Could this be because she is only 10th in line to the throne? Probably not. The most likely reason is what she does has become so frequent that it is no longer newsworthy, which is sad in a way because the Princess Royal is one of the Royal Family’s best assets, and the public don’t even know it!

According to our figures, in 2011 alone, Princess Anne accounted for 14% of last year’s total number of Royal engagements throughout the Royal Family. The Prince of Wales, admittedly, did have a higher number of engagements himself, though he does receive press and is noted and cited for his engagements.

Really, Princess Anne doesn’t receive enough thanks for the work she does, without which the Royal Family certainly wouldn’t be the same!

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  • Susan Hale

    I thoroughly agree with this article. The Princess Royal is an asset to the Royal Family.

  • Jane Maple

    She may not receive national coverage for her work, but you can often find articles in the local media covering a visit to an organization in their town, which means that the organization is receiving publicity locally which undoubtedly helps them.

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