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ABC To Air Royal Baby Special

945275_530576900317728_1180451296_nWith just weeks left until The Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to her first child, media interest is growing rapidly.

Now, US network ABC have announced plans to air “Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition”. An hour long special that will look into the royal baby.

“Prince William and [his wife] Kate will be parents in just weeks, and their royal baby will enter this world prepped for kingship,” the network giant said in a news release Tuesday.

“He or she will fulfill the royal family’s basic mission, to preserve England’s faith in the monarchy and ensure its survival … a lot of weight to place on a small infant’s shoulders. But already there are visible departures from the imperial family’s past. How will the new royal couple manage to balance centuries of tradition with their notorious urge to be modern?”

Barbara Walters will host the hour long show on Monday. Barbara had previously made the trip to London in 2011 to cover the royal wedding.

The Duchess of Cambridge will welcome her first child in mid-July. Kate married Prince William in a lavish ceremony in April 2011 watched by a reported audience of two billion around the world.

Kate is expected to continue engagements until mid-June before she takes maternity leave.

Photo: David Cunningham Photography 2013/ Naomi House & Jack’s Place Facebook Page.


  • Julaine

    “Kate Middleton known as the Duchess of Cambridge”… I really wish that articles would either refer to her by her title or use the phrase the former Kate Middleton. Particularly on boards dedicated to Royal interests where it should be presumed that the author knows better.

  • The Real Deal

    I doubt that a show like this would be created so close to the DC’s due date had they never announced it. I don’t understand the need to announce the due date, just say that you are pregnant and that’s it. I understand the importance of this child but my goodness she is not the only woman giving birth in the world!

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