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Canadians take to Twitter to discuss Royal Baby

As the Royal Family and the world awaits the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child, it appears people across the world are taking to social media sites to discuss the impending birth.

In Canada, people have been taking to Twitter to discuss the Royal baby and share opinions on what they think the baby might be called, to the colour of its hair.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Canada in July 2011 shortly after their wedding. Photo: Robert Johnson/Twitter., a computer monitoring company, has been tracking the mentions on Twitter and found that speculation in Canada is reaching fever-pitch. In the last week, tweets regarding Prince William and Kate’s baby have seen a huge increase.

Many taking to Twitter in Canada believe if it is a boy it will be named George, while if a girl, it will be named Alexandra.

After mentions regarding the baby’s name, the hot trends linked with baby Cambridge include the baby’s gender, hair colour, David Beckham, maternity clothes and eye colour. It was also revealed that 64.7% of tweets are coming from women, while 35.3% have been tweeted from men.

The #royalbaby hashtag has been mentioned 43,000 times in the last week, while #comeonkate has been used 2,800 times.

Earlier this month, it was announced Canada would celebrate the royal baby’s arrival by lighting up famous landmarks. The CN Tower in Toronto and Niagara Falls will light up either pink or blue when the baby’s sex is announced.

Prince William and Kate are hugely popular in Canada and the couple made it their first official tour in July 2011 just months after their wedding at Westminster Abbey.

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