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Earl Spencer To Close Diana Museum And Give Possessions To Prince William & Harry

The Daily Telegraph reports this morning that the Earl Spencer, Diana, Princess of Wales’s brother, is to close the Diana museum at Althorp and give Diana’s possessions to Prince William & Harry.


Althorp House, Diana’s Ancestral home

The Diana Museum, at her former ancestral home Althorp, was opened by Diana’s brother the 8th Earl Spencer shortly after her death in 1997. Today, the Daily Telegraph’s Mandrake discovered that the museum is to be closed by the Earl Spencer and its exhibits and former possessions of Diana, Princess of Wales are to be given to Prince William and Prince Harry.

The museum is set to close in August 2014, a spokesman confirmed. The items, including 28 of Diana’s dresses, two tiaras and other jewellery.

Lord Spencer says Diana’s will stated that her belongings were to be looked after by him until both Prince William & Prince Harry turned 30, at which point the contents would transfer into their possession. Prince Harry will be 30 in September next year.

This now makes way for a possible exhibition of Diana’s former possessions at Kensington Palace, where Diana lived until her death in August 1997. Her two sons, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will want to encourage a positive memory of their late mother so may well decide to set up their own exhibition to Diana.

Earl Spencer describes the Diana museum, which he opened at Althorp House on what would have been her 37th birthday in 1998, as “universally acclaimed”.

Diana is buried on an island at Althorp where visitors can come and see her final resting place.

photo credit: amWalker44 via photopin cc

  • Maybe now the boys can take their mother from that dreadful and selfish burial place back to where she belongs.. with was very hateful and selfish for her brother to bury her there where she always hated and was running from her whole life!

    • That’s not true. She wanted to build a home on her ancestral property after her divorce, & her brother was going to let her, but changed his mind.

  • Darnell Moonda Fugate

    Not hateful and selfish of her brother. The Queen definitely did not want her buried with any of the ‘Royal’ family. Diana’s burial plot is not a dreadful place at all and you would know that if you had ever visited it… even if only via internet. She never felt accepted by the ‘Royal’ family so do not know what you mean by ‘back to where she belongs’. Here are some videos for you to see how lovely her burial place really is: . And where do you get she always hated her home? I am sure she was more unhappy being married to a man who never loved her than she was every in her youth. Princess Diana’s childhood and teen years with her family:

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