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William and Kate take tea with D-Day veterans

Continuing the Royal Family’s presence supporting the remembrance events of D-Day, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a veteran’s tea-party in Arromanches, Normandy.

Afternoon tea was served to the veteran’s of the infamous landings, which saw The Allies begin to gain back territory in Nazi-occupied Europe 70 years ago today.

The Duke and Duchess, who followed The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall across the Channel today, chatted with some veterans and Catherine was quoted as saying “you’ve got lots of stories to tell”; they undoubtedly had stories of horror and death to tell, but also ones of bravery and spirit, the sort that led to an Allied victory in the Second World War. 

The event was sombre as the veterans recounted their tales to the Royal guests, who were there to thank them for their service allowing the freedom we have today; as William and Kate moved around the venue, they were seen deep in conversation on numerous occasions, about the individual roles the men played in the Landings, but also smiling and joking with the men who served their countries during WWII.

The Duke wore his Blues and Royals regimental tie, the regiment her served in, Jubilee medals from The Queen, whilst the veterans all proudly displayed their own medals, many of them with jackets full of honours they had received for their service. The tent in which the tea-party took place was adorned with Union Jack bunting, and chairs had been strategically placed by the organisers, so that the Royal couple could speak with as many vets as possible.

 photo credit: Beacon Radio via photopin cc

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