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Duchess of Cornwall visits Aluva Palace in Kerela

 The Duchess of Cornwall received a rather unusual and unique gift during her visit to the Aluva Palace.

The Duchess of Cornwall received a rather unusual and unique gift during her visit to the Aluva Palace.

Overcome with laughter, The Duchess of Cornwall accepted an unusual gift today: a decorative olive oil bottle with The Duchess and Prince Charles’ wedding photo displayed inside.

She held up the bottle to the crowd, “Look at me on this – brilliant,” Camilla said in The Daily Mail.

During her tour of the Aluva Palace in Kerela where she attended a Women’s Empowerment Group, she was given the gift by artist Sherin Unneenkitty. She made the gift for Camilla from an olive oil bottle, which she decorated with coloured gel and added the wedding photo inside. Usually similar creations she will price at 500 or around £5, but today Unnenekitty presented it as a gift to Camilla.

“Well that’s very kind of you, thank you very much,” commented The Duchess.

As she toured the various tables, she stopped and tried on very large earrings that were parasol shaped, in which she replied: “These may be quite heavy.” Camilla also stopped and obliged another artisan, trying on a pearl necklace and taking some photos with the artist.

This is the second stop in which the Duchess has supported a group that empowers women. Yesterday she was in Mumbai visiting a similar group, of empowered female business owners.

The ‘Kudumbashree’ or governance system in Kerlala has a scheme to eliminate poverty similar to the group in Mumbai.

While Prince Charles was touring a conservation project for elephants, Camilla took part in a few engagements of her own. Her second stop was at the Rajagiri Public School.

The school has become partners with Summerlea Community Primary School in West Sussex. Participating in the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme, students participate in activities to make connections amongst the schools. One of the activities is using Skype to communicate with each other.

Visiting an art class, Camilla was at a loss for words when presented with a unique painting of her husband. Vincent Pellissery, the art teacher explained the creation was an anamorphosis portrait.

The portrait is distorted until a steel cylinder is placed on the canvas. The reflection then revealed the picture of Charles. These types of paintings were once used during wars to place secret codes in.

“I will give it to him for his birthday, he’ll have to wait. It’s very clever, so clever it’s extraordinary,” she told the class.

Prior to the women’s group and school visit, she stopped at the Kochi Nurses’ School to view CPR and bandaging demos.

A round table discussion was held to talk about violence and women. Once considered a taboo topic in India; women are now talking about the issue and more organizations are offering help.

Following the discussion, osteoporosis, the cause she is passionate about, was the topic of a briefing. Osteoporosis is diagnosed in approximately two out of three women who are over 50 years of age. The fragile bone disease is caused by Vitamin D deficiency, the result of a poor diet and shortage of sunshine.

“I am surprised that in a country with so much sun this is an issue, so I assume the problem must be a nutritional one,” she commented during the briefing. “The important thing is to catch it early which makes it so much easier to treat and can stop all the heartbreak,” Camilla told the group.

She is President of the National Osteoporosis Society in the United Kingdom. But most notably, the Duchess lost her mother and grandmother to the disease.

“Now in the UK we have so many more treatments including am injection that you can have in your back once a year that gives you all the calcium you need,’ she explained. You have to find people who are more at risk. Once they come in with a fracture, there is something on their file that shows if they come in with another one then they must be tested for osteoporosis. It is also very important to encourage people to walk a lot,” Camilla told the group.

Wednesday is the final full day the Royal couple will spend in India. On Thursday they head to Sri Lanka, where Charles will be hosting the CHOGM on behalf of Her Majesty.

photo credit: shaunamey via photopin cc

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