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Prince of Wales to attend sustainability forum

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales will today attend ‘The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Forum.’ During the forum he will meet with guests that include leaders of worldwide businesses. The reception will take place at St. James’s Palace State Apartments, London.

In attendance will be 200 senior representatives “from the private and public sectors, global accounting bodies, the investor community, government, NGOs and regulators,” according to Clarence House.
During the Forum, A4S will introduce its Chief Financial Officer Leadership Network “the first network of its kind to focus on the role of CFOs and finance teams in integrating environmental, social issues into financial decision making.,”

The topic of the 8th A4S Annual Forum is the responsibility of the finance and accounting community in establishing strong business models and a viable economy.

After a roundtable meeting, Charles will give a speech at the Forum. A panle discussion will follow led by Chief Financial Officers: John Rogers, Chief Financial Officer, J Sainsbury; Pierre-André Terisse, Chief Financial Officer, Danone; and Rolf-Dieter Schwalb, Chief Financial Officer, DSM.

The Network realises that serious action is needed by the business community in order to safeguard the well-being the world and humanity as a whole.

In 2004, Prince Charles launched the The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project, A4S. The non-profit organisation works closely with accounting, investor and the financial community to create a strong and suitable economy.

According to Clarence House the goal of the A4S is:

Demonstrate the business case for organizations to integrate measures of environmental health, social well-being and economic performance into decision making, accounting and reporting.

Develop the necessary systems, tools and guidance and build capacity among the accounting, finance and investor community to enable action to be taken.

Facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for change.

To learn more about HRH The Prince of Wales ‘Global Sustainability’ a short film is available through the Accounting for Sustainability website.

photo credit: UK in Sweden via photopin cc

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    The Sustainability Forum is now the Most important Charities throughout the World.
    This Non Profit Sustainability Forum is called “His Royal Highness Prince Of Wales Global Sustainability” It is all about our World Environmental Issue in this time and Age. His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales is trying to get Governments World Wide involved, Business’s, Corporations of the Awareness of this Issue. As His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales is saying “Our Rain Forests are being Depleted and Forests in other parts of the world are in Danger.” This as everybody knows it will have catastrophic economic, weather and climate change for all of us in the 21st century while putting burden on Our grandchildren and Great grandchildren. Already such has been happening since the 1990’s. Can we afford and be at risk for these natural causes by Mother Nature to damage our Natural Environment? Everything I believe and as I think His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales believe must be done in “MODERATION”.

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