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The Duke of Edinburgh to attend Windsor Sea Cadet Open Day

On Monday 7 April, The Duke of Edinburgh will attend Windsor Sea Cadet Open Day.

The Duke of Edinburgh

Sea Cadets can be dated back to the Crimean War when sailors returning home from the battle formed Naval Lads Brigades to aid those who were orphans from the wars outcome.

In 1854 the first brigade was created at Whitstable. By 1899, Sea Cadets were given Royal acknowledgement when Queen Victoria awarded the Windsor unit with £10 for uniforms on 25 June. This is now recognised as the birthday of the Sea Cadets.

The group agreed to Sea Cadet Corps as its name in 1942 with King George VI as their Admiral. That same year, the Girls Naval Training Corps was developed. The girl’s branch was terminated in 1980 when the admittance of girls into the Sea Cadet Corps was granted.

Established in 1899, T.S. Windsor Castle is the oldest unit in the Sea Cadet Corps. A Thames sailing barge was acquired for £60 and in August of the same year, the unit was launched.

T.S. Windsor Castle has been in its present location since September 1986.

The Sea Cadets take part in Jubilee Pageant in 2012.

The Sea Cadets take part in Jubilee Pageant in 2012.

In 2012 the regions Sea Cadets took to the River Thames as part of the flotilla in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. They joined Sea Cadets from other areas of the UK to escort The Queen’s Jubilee barge, Gloriana down the River Thames.

The Queen is Patron of the Sea Cadets. Prince Andrew is the Admiral of the Sea Cadet Corps.

photo credit: Mikepaws via photopin cc

photo credit: SouthEastern Star ? via photopin cc

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