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‘Guard Mounting From Horseguards’ Parade’ To Take Place This Morning

Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s Guards are this morning to perform what is known as ‘guard mounting from Horseguards”. Guard mounting from Horseguards’ is essentially an extended Changing the Guard that is performed from nearby Horsguards’ Parade instead of directly from St James’s Palace and Wellington Barracks because of a ‘mini-rehearsal’ of Trooping the Colour (this year on 15th June) at Horsguards’.

The Queen’s Guards will march down to Buckingham Palace from the top of the Mall, where Horseguards’ Parade is.

This Guard Mount from Horseguards only happens a few times a year in May and June.

Bands from the Footguards regiments will be present as usual, supplying music during the marching of the guards and on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace and at Horseguards’ Parade.

This year, the Trooping the Colour will take place on 15th June (Trooping the Colour is also known as The Queen’s Birthday Parade.)

Rehearsals have already begun both at Wellington Barracks and now at Horseguards’.

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