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Sarah, Duchess Of York To Join The Queen At Lady Thatcher’s Funeral

Sarah, Duchess of York has been invited by Her Majesty to join her and the Duke of Edinburgh on Wednesday for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

The former wife of Prince Andrew, The Queen’s 2nd son, has been invited to join Her Majesty at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

Sarah was known for her good relationship with the former Prime Minister and regarded her as a ‘steadfast friend’.

The 53-year-old Duchess never normally attends Royal events of any nature any more after her divorce from Prince Andrew, Duke of York in 1996. The Telegraph reports, “Sarah is honoured to have been invited and intends to go,” says one of Sarah’s friends. “She wants to pay her respects to Lady Thatcher.”

Sarah, who married Prince Andrew in 1986, said: “Margaret Thatcher was such a strong lady, who has always been part of my life and whom I admired greatly.”

Despite now being divorced from the Duke of York for over 15 years, she still lives at Royal Lodge, Windsor with Prince Andrew and until recently, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, their two daughters.

Sarah, Duchess of York and the late Diana, Princess of Wales were good friends whilst they were both royal wives, though in 2011, she did not attend the wedding of Diana’s son, Prince William.

This appearance alongside The Queen on Wednesday will be the most high-profile since before Sarah’s divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996.

photo credit: Norway UN (New York) via photopin cc

  • Yam_I_am

    Good. I am glad to hear that Fergie will be part of the Royal party at this event.

  • cp

    Sarah isnt attending a Royal event, it is a ceremonial funeral of a past PM. And I dont think she will be part of the “Royal Party” and be with HMQ.

  • I remember reading a few years ago that William was very keen to have the Duchess return to the royal fold, since he always liked his Auntie Sarah and her two daughters. So I was surprised when she was not sent an invitation to his wedding in 2011. It was probably because one of his granny’s courtiers used the excuse of the then-recent scandal involving Sarah’s having allegedly offered access to the Duke of York in exchange for money. The Queen’s courtiers (especially her arch-enemy Sir Robert Fellowes, whom Sarah called “Bellowes”) despised the Duchess from the very beginning, and worked hard to bring her down.
    There’s absolutely no reason why the Duchess should not attend the funeral for Lady Thatcher, the two of them having been friends for many years.
    And I’m glad that The Queen invited the Duchess to go with her. It is not widely known that Her Majesty liked Sarah far more than she ever liked Diana.

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