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Special Coronation Anniversary Coin Unveiled: “To Reign And To Serve – A Vow Made Good”

The Royal Mint has recently unveiled its range of special commemorative coinage for the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. It features one primary commemorative coin which shows the Imperial State Crown on the front with the words, “To Reign And To Serve – A Vow Made Good”!

As with most royal occasions, the Royal Mint has produced quite a range of coinage-based memorabilia to mark this occasion.

All the coins produced are actually legal tender, though considering the fact that most of them are precious metals, carrying value of hundreds of pounds, it’s doubtful that anybody would actually try and buy something with these.

The coins are marked with £5 value ($8) (€6), which is unusual in that £2 coins are usually the highest coin denomination available. All £5 coins are limited edition.

The Royal Mint made coins for the Royal Wedding in 2011, the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and many events before that. In the UK, the Royal Mint have ultimate responsibility for the production of coinage, whether it’s coinage to be used in circulation or commemorative coinage like these.

A lot of the commemorative coins come in delightful wooden boxes, however they do also come at a price. The most expensive coin available for the Coronation Anniversary is “The Queen’s Portrait Set Gold Proof 4 Coin Set” which would set you back a whopping £9,500 ($15,000) (€11,000) – all four of the coins are made of solid 22-carat gold.

Below are some pictures of the designs they have on sale. To see the website with coronation memorabilia, click here!

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