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Richard III’s funeral crown to go on show

Richard III’s funeral crown will go on show for the first time next month for an event in the town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire.
The 15th century monarch’s remains were famously found under a Leicester car park in 2012. However, there is currently a legal dispute ongoing about where The King will be buried.

There are currently arguments and debates about whether The King should be laid to rest in Leicester where he was found, or in York where he spent most of his life.

Dr John Ashdown-Hill, one of the people who confirmed the remains were in fact royal blood, wants to make sure the funeral is suitable for a king, by commissioning a traditional funeral crown to be placed in his coffin, which he will pay for.

Dr Ashdown Hill has agreed to show it off in public for the first time when he comes to Tewkesbury Abbey on May 3 for this year’s Armour at the Abbey event.

He said: “Tewkesbury is quite a suitable place to show it for the first time. It’s very appropriate.”

The crown will be brought down with him, and kept in a secure area. He has kept quiet about how much it cost him to commission, but said he has spent more on the DNA research into Richard’s remains.

The historian added that the crown would be similar to the one that Richard III wore over his helmet at the Battle of Bosworth, where he was killed.

photo credit: lisby1 via photopin cc

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