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Queen and Prince Charles’s press offices to merge

The press offices of The Queen and The Prince of Wales are set to merge beginning next week in a radical new step taken by staff to make the eventual transition of reigns as smooth as possible, latest reports say.


The two press offices will become one based at Buckingham Palace under the command of one of Prince Charles’s staff – with the announcement of this due to be made in just a few days reportedly.

Overseas travel is also reported to be being stopped after The Queen travels to Normandy later this year for the events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings, where she will also be accompanied by the Prince of Wales – though according to the Sunday Times – overseas travel is not completely ruled out, with each case being ‘considered on their merits’.

For the last few years, Royal Household staff have been working behind the scenes in redefining the image of the Prince of Wales and bringing him more to the fore as he prepares for the role he will eventually fulfil. Camilla has also begun playing an even more prominent role as well, with joint engagements alongside The Queen in the autumn – she too is being prepared for her role as consort.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are also set to step up their involvement in the coming months, possibly resulting in the inevitable move to becoming full time working royals.

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Despite all this, however, a move towards abdication has been – and continues to be – ruled out by courtiers as out of the question, with reference to The Queen’s speech on her 21st birthday and the constant reaffirmation of her intention to reign for her whole life at various points in her reign.

The merger of press offices, whilst a significant move, is not as surprising when viewed from the overall picture – frequently, more of The Queen’s business will be conducted by the Prince of Wales as time progresses.

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  • Damein Noble

    God Save the Queen!

  • Maddie Klukow

    Charles should not step into the role of king, why is it all forgotten his uncle abdicated as he wanted to marry a divorcee. Charles has already married a divorcee plus at a time in an adulterous relationship while both were married to other people. Many people have let it slide, but its not going to look great having a king who married his mistress. The Queen must have gone over this for sometime, as she asseses the future of the royal standing with how our countries will react… To keep the royal family in high standing with the people, it should be considered passing the crown to Willam who will do a wonderful job like the Queen has done all these year’s,,

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