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Queen’s workload continues to drop as royal engagement figures are released

The Times has published its annual letter from Tim O’Donovan detailing the number of engagements undertaken by members of the Royal Family in the past year.


In his annual survey of the Royal Family’s engagements, Mr O’Donovan noted, “After the busy Diamond Jubilee year it is not surprising that members of the Royal Family carried out fewer official duties in 2013.”

He went on to say, “I should emphasise that the table of figures, below, should not be converted into a “league table” of individual royal performance. All engagements differ as to time and content and there is also the time taken in preparation, whether it be a visit, investiture or speech.”

With the exception of her Diamond Jubilee year, The Queen’s engagements have been gradually reducing year on year, with other members of the Royal Family taking on more duties themselves in recent times.

In 2014, it is expected the Prince of Wales will take on even more of Her Majesty’s duties as the preparation for the transitions of reigns continues.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should also begin to pick up their involvement with more engagements as the Duke has now left service in the Armed Forces to focus on royal engagements and charity work.

Mr O’Donovan, as ever, concluded his letter by saying, “Except for Christmas Day and Easter Day, the Queen never has a day off from the official red boxes which pursue her everywhere.”

The below table shows Royal Central’s collation of this year’s engagements and those from from several previous years for the purposes of comparison.

Her Majesty The Queen341425370444
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh184325330356
HRH The Prince of Wales537592601585
HRH The Duchess of Cornwall246276250243
HRH The Duke of Cambridge62889073
HRH The Duchess of Cambridge4411134
HRH Prince Henry of Wales52611653
HRH The Duke of York330436455529
HRH The Earl of Wessex345431374362
HRH The Countess of Wessex228324191188
HRH The Princess Royal454566568514
HRH The Duke of Gloucester222337251307
HRH The Duchess of Gloucester132146155120
HRH The Duke of Kent198239211223
HRH Princess Alexandra2811011882

photo credit: West Midlands Police via photopin cc

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    Her Royal Highness , Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had a Time Table of events in her Diamond Jubilee Year which was pressurizing and at times very unpredictable . It a great Idea that His Royal Highness, Prince Charles of Wales and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are being delegated the Official continuing of the Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh , Prince Philip need some Down time. Wishing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Entire British Royal Monarchy a Happy 2014. Cheers

  • Jane

    The duke and duchess of Cambridge do very little. But they are the new royal celebrities who attract unearned praise More respect needs to be given to princess Anne who continues to give service with no public acknowledgement

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