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The Queen reveals she is often too busy for television

The Queen has revealed her busy schedule often prevents her from watching too much television.

However, Her Majesty told actress Minnie Driver that she does have Sky Plus installed at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.


The Queen has revealed her busy schedule often prevents her from watching too much television.

Minnie, speaking on American chat show The Talk, told the show’s presenters about her meeting with The Queen at a Bafta Party earlier this year at Windsor Castle.

“I went to Windsor Castle as The Queen was getting an honourary Bafta,” the actress explained. “She came over to our group and she asked me what the last movie I had seen and it was something really dirty. It was Last Tango In Paris.”


Minnie Driver was speaking about her meeting with The Queen on American talk-show The Talk.

The Good Will Hunting star told hosts including Sharon Osbourne she felt the film wasn’t appropriate and decided to make one up.

“I didn’t think I could bring up a film like that to The Queen and I obviously lied.

“Then I couldn’t help myself and asked what the last film she had seen was and she said ‘oh I saw something in Leicester Square a long time ago.’

“So I asked ‘Don’t you have Sky+?’ and she went ‘One does have Sky+, but one is so busy all the time.”

Minnie, who was on the show to promote her latest film ‘I Give It A Year’ also revealed she was in awe of the Queen during their meeting.

“I loved her, she is the most magnificent woman.”

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