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Princess Beatrice ‘not becoming a full time royal’

Over the past few weeks, Princess Beatrice of York has come to the fore more than usual because of an increased number of engagements performed both alongside The Queen and in her own right.

large__9117031700Many have speculated that the Princess intends to become a full-time working royal like her father the Duke of York, however Royal Central has discovered that this is not to be the case.

Princess Beatrice, currently 6th in line to the throne, has a number of patronages she holds personally including some concerning dyslexia (Beatrice herself being diagnosed with dyslexia when she was at school), theatre and children.

Recently, we broke the news that she was to become patron of Fashion for the Brave, an annual event which is used to raise money for armed forces charities and this coupled with some other appearances made it look like the Princess was looking to become more involved in the traditional ‘royal family firm’.

Although engagements are often performed on behalf of The Queen, Beatrice does these engagements ‘off her own back’ and does not perform them as official engagements (i.e. they are not listed in the court circular).

Buckingham Palace confirmed to us in no uncertain terms that Princess Beatrice, who turned 25 earlier this month, “fully intends to continue with her career in the financial sector” and that she is “currently undertaking interviews” for a new position, having recently left her job at the venture capital firm she was working for.

Along with all The Queen’s grandchildren who are old enough to do so, Princess Beatrice is pursuing her own career and ‘forging her own path’, where previous generations would simply enter into a public life of royal engagements.

The Palace helpfully clarified the Princess’s position on royal engagements saying, “Princess Beatrice undertakes engagements occasionally when asked or in support of The Queen and The Duke of York”.

With the Prince of Wales allegedly looking to reduce the number of members of the Royal Family performing royal engagements when he becomes King, there’s some debate as to whether Princess Beatrice could ever become a full time working royal or indeed whether she’d want to.

photo credit: TheMatthewSlack via photopin cc

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